Monday, 6 May 2013

National team TC + Long and Sprint Champs.

After 1.5months without intense workouts (see last post), I was officially back without any pain on the 25th April, right on time to test my body (!) on the 5.000m national O'team trials. I did 15'50, with the same average I did the first 10k road race of the season.

The following days were spent in the National Team houses in Marinha Grande, with great training sessions and the great NT athmosphere. Some of the sessions are as follows:
Long distance HERE.
Mass start HERE.

Then this weekend, there were the National Championships in Long and Sprint distances.
In the Long distance champs, with almost 17k,  I was too conservative and followed the paths too much all the way (with the extreme option to the 6th which costed almost 1min). I suffered and I was 5th in the end.

I really enjoyed the sprint distance. I was already missing that feeling. I didn't do any major mistakes, but I felt the lack of the extra gear in the engine. I ended 2nd.

Moustache man

What's next? Whatever are the goals for the summer, I'm expecting to return to the old shape in a few weeks. Now it's time to kill the legs.

I end with this month's portuguese edition of SportLife magazine.

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