Monday, 24 June 2013

Finnish TC+Jukola

After a week back to the routine, finally I've some free time to write something about the last days.

I was selected to run Long and Sprint in this year's WOC, so I've spent a week training with the national team in Vuokatti.

We trained hard during our stay there, doing some of the following sessions:
First terrain adaptation HERE
Short Sprint loops HERE
Long-like mass starts "The winner takes it all" HERE
Easy Middle-like session HERE
Easy Middle-like session2 HERE
Middle-like session HERE
Long-like mass starts HERE

Good training sessions, amazing weather, nice cooking contests: resuming it all, everything was perfect. I improved my navigation skills during the week... and that always leaves me with the same question: How far could I reach if I had this map contact for a month? or two?

Then I participated in Jukola, running for the first time the 1st leg by Turun Metsankavijat 3. I was impressed by the great team's athmosphere! My goal was to avoid navigation mistakes, but I ended doing a few. I didn't run fast enough in the beginning and I found myself trapped in the "trails" by slower athletes, loosing several minutes: a lesson to the future.

(right click-->open in new window)

How beautiful is this sport?

What's next? A lot of work/presentations by now, trying to compensate the absence time. For example, next Sunday I'll enter the Hospital at 8.00am, to leave it on Tuesday's morning. It's the final sprint and I'm 100% motivated to give everything I have.

(The portuguese team is ready)