Tuesday, 8 October 2013

What I've been doing since WOC...

WOC ended, and so the 2013 O'season also ended for me.

Since then, I've been enjoying my routines hospital-training-eating-sleeping. I've been doing different things as stupid as discovering the city by scooter by going home through a different path each day (one day I recorded an extended version, as follows):

... other days, I've been enjoy going to/from work by the river, adding 25km by bike to the training diary without loosing a minute of my time. I've got a new "road babe" but my ischial tuberosities are still adapting to her. =)

Professionally, I got certified in Advanced life support, infiltrated dozens of joints and muscles and had some fun with athlete experiments.

About sports, I spent some days discovering the mountains in the north of the country, while on vacation with my family:

I've won a small mountain race in Viseu:

And I spent one week training in idyllic sceneries in Ordesa, Benasque and Andorra...

... where I won one of the most beautiful races I've ever raced, with 42km and D+3000m.

What's next? The first true test of the season while racing with some of the best, next weekend, in Italy.

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