Tuesday, 17 December 2013


So, October started with a great test at the World Skyrunning Champs at Limone Extreme, and the name "extreme" says it all. I was alright in the flat part, but the extreme ups and downs made me end in the 57th place, far from where I intended to be. It's curious that I wasn't much tired in the end of the race; I just wasn't able to run fast enough on the steep slopes. I was really proud of the top places of the O'guys Ionut Zinca and David Schneider!!... and I hope that in the next editions I'll be ready to also take part in the fight! In the photo, with the first climb in the back:
A resume of the memorable race:

 The next few days were spent running at low speed in the Alps with Marco Marques, discovering really nice places. I have to be back in the summer!

Then, in the weekend after I won a 42k (D+2000) race in Lousa:

And then I was back to a few weeks of proper winter trainings with the usual weekend long intervals at the beach:

I turned 26 and got a little bit older:

And then, in November, I spent 2 weeks discovering China (Guangzhou-->Guillin-->Yangshuo-->Shanghai-->HK-->Macau). The long trips, the long days and the pollution made it impossible to train and so I did only 2x30min in the whole 15 days. It was a unprogrammed stop, but life isn't all about training. I've also noticed that the PBs of the last few seasons have been taking place before February, so maybe this delay will allow me a later and proper peak.

In the meanwhile, I finally finished my post-graduation in Sports Medicine:

And last weekend, after 15days of being back to training, 15 days of crappy interval times, 15 days of having my ass beaten by my training group, I was able to do 32'29 at the 10k Christmas GP, a Lisbon classic.

What about the future? It's been 6 months since I last navigated with a map and I'm really missing it, navigating like a mad guy through the omaps section of worldofo.
I know that, due to the fact that I live in Lisbon far away from Omaps, I 'll always be the athletics/mountain running guy who competes with a map on his hands in some weekends (like the majority of the portuguese team). That's something that I'll have to live with... so I just have to give my best with the conditions I have.
My 2014 calendar is ready with plenty of mountain races, orienteering races and even some triathlons! =)

By the way... Thierry Gueorgiou has already made his entry to Portugal Omeeting 2014. What are you waiting for? All the info at: http://www.pom.pt/en/ . See you soon, in Portugal!