Friday, 18 April 2014


After a rainy winter, January started with the first O'race of the season, with Norte Alentejano Omeeting, where I ended 14min after Thierry Gueorgiou in the overall. I kept training well and a few weeks later I competed at the Andalucia O'meeting in sounthern Spain, where I ended in 29th, 24min after Bergman in the overall.

One week later I was running the Mediterranean Championships in Viseu by the national team, with 2 average forest races and a sprint with good feelings, good splits, despite a stupid 1min mistake by the castle.

The forests and the maps were worth to visit and ended in my top portuguese favourite maps.

In the weekend after, there was Portugal Omeeting, organized by my club, where I spent 4 amazing days (even with the awful weather) putting controls in the terrain and picking them up.

In March I raced my first mountain race in Portugal, with 48km and D4080m. I suffered a lot and ended 2nd, checking how far I'm from the top, Tofol Castanyer, who arrived 25min before me.

Then I was back to a few more congresses, oral presentations and works...

... and finnally EOC started, where I ran Long, Sprint and Relay. I think there wasn't a single race where I didn't have some pain medication before the start. At the beginning, due to an Achilles tendinitis that had been bothering me in the weeks before and, in the end, due to a viral tonsillitis that bored me mainly during the nights with some fever.
In the long distance qualification I was out of the final by 40sec. I was able to qualify for the sprint final, but too many BIG mistakes in the castle made me end in a disappointing 50th place.
I left Palmela with the strange feeling that the environment among the portuguese national team is now far different from a few years ago, when I joined it.

About the organization, I was at the EOC just as an athlete and I consider that I don't know well enough what really happened to give a proper opinion (even if, obviously, is a negative one). However, there's one thing I'm sure of: Portugal has organized many quality events in the past and a proof of it, is that it's still the main world orienteering stage during the winter, just relying on amateur and volunteer work.

What's next? By professional (lack of free time) and injury reasons I feel a little bit out of shape.
In the next month, I'll start an internship in Neurophysiology (while keeping the emergency shifts on Orthopaedics) and, once again, won't be easy to cope with.
However, the next goal is huge. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to race in Zegama, in just 1month from now!

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